IR Policy

IR basic policy

The goal of our IR activities is to promote greater understanding of the Company among our shareholders and investors. As our basic IR policy, we disclose such information as operating results, financials, and management strategies in a rapid, accurate, and fair manner.

Information Disclosure Procedure

The Company discloses material corporate information in a prompt and fair manner in accordance with the rules on timely disclosure specified in Securities Exchange Laws and the maintained by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company discloses such information through the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s timely disclosure network (TDnet). Immediately after the information is disclosed on TDnet, the Company also discloses it on its website for the purpose of meeting our investors’ needs in a proactive and fair manner. Regarding other information not required by rules for timely disclosure, where the Company deems it to be useful in fostering an understanding of the Company to our shareholders and investors, the Company actively discloses the information. Please understand that the information may not disclose on our website in a timely manner due to unexpected systematic troubles and necessary preparations.

Forward looking statements

All materials the Company announces and any contents provided on our websites, including forward-looking statements such as business forecasts, policies, management strategies, objectives, plans, acknowledgment and assessment of facts, as well as outlooks for business performance and dividends, are based on current expectations, assumptions, plans, acknowledgement, assessment, as well as on the information currently available to the Group. There statements, representations, or hypotheses (assumptions) may be, by their nature, objectively inaccurate and are open to potential risk owing to general conditions, weather, economic climate, or changes in consumer trends, and no guarantee is made that they will be realized in the future. The Company does not endorse the validity of any earning forecasts provided by any third party.

IR Quiet Period

The Company implements an IR quiet period from the following date of the settlement of the accounts for each quarter to the date results are announced. During this period, directors and employees of the Company refrain from commenting on business results or forecasts. However, if during the quiet period it appears that results are likely to significantly diverge from earnings forecasts, this will be disclosed as appropriate in accordance with the timely disclosure rules. For more information, including account settlement dates, please refer to the IR Schedule on the IR website.


This IR sites are not intended to solicit investment in the Company. Please be aware that decisions regarding investing are the responsibility of users themselves.

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