Contribution to Achieving the SDGs

What are the SDGs?

The SDGs stands for Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations aims to achieve these goals by 2030.

They were unanimously adopted by all member states in September 2015.

The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets, with a pledge to “leave no one behind.”

1. Contributing to achieving SDGs with business growth


*Target 12.5: By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.

It is very important for a company to take special initiatives to help achieve the SDGs.
We believe, however, that what is of primary importance is that business growth and contribution to the achievement of the SDGs are linked.

Moving goods from where they are no longer needed to where they are needed.

We contribute greatly to achieving Goal 12 of the SDGs “RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION” by reducing waste generation through various recycling-based businesses

We create circulation of all goods by taking various approaches. They include operation of the 2nd STREET comprehensive used product stores that support waste-free lifestyles, GEO mobile stores where we offer a wide array of used mobile phones and smartphones, the Luck Rack off-price stores, where we offer new products, including excess stock and out-of-season products of various brands, and GEO Shop that we have been operating with a focus on DVD rentals and purchase and sale of game software and game machine since our foundation.

Reducing CO2 with Reuse Business in Japan
Reducing CO2 with Reuse Business in Japan

Through our businesses, including the Reuse Business and Off-Price Retailing, in which we add new value to goods that are no longer needed and those remaining unsold and pass them on to new customers, we produce the effect of reducing CO2 by more than 100 thousand tons (*1)from major products alone. We also circulate approx. 70 million items of products every year. (FY2020 results)

*1: Estimated by GEO Holdings Corporation based on the 3R Kodo Mieru-ka Tool (tool visualizing 3R activities) and Heisei 22-nen-do Shiyo Zumi Seihin-tou-no Reuse Sokushin Jigyo Kenkyukai Houkoku-sho (FY2010 report from the group studying the business of promoting the reuse of used products, etc.) from the Ministry of the Environment

Initiatives we take overseas
Initiatives we take overseas

We have opened 2nd STREET stores in the United States, Malaysia, and Taiwan.
In the United States and Taiwan, we locally purchase and sell used clothing, thus advancing the effective use of resources.

Above all, the Unites States is a country where a culture of reuse is well established. We contribute to the recycling-oriented society by creating new value of reuse items.

In Malaysia, we wholesale used clothing we can’t resell in Japan to local business operators, in addition to selling them at our stores.

We position overseas business as a pillar of our growth strategy. We will continue to open new stores to help achieve the SDGs in Japan and other countries.

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2. Contributing to achieving the SDGs by improving energy efficiency


※*Target 7.3: By 2030, double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency.

We reduce energy consumed at our stores, thus accelerating initiatives to build a decarbonized society.

LED lights installed at more than 90% of our stores

We have installed LED lights at a total of approx. 1,600 stores of 2nd STREET, GEO, Luck Rack, and GEO mobile. This means we are reducing CO2 with LED lights at more than 90% of our stores.

Promotion of paperless operation at our stores

We have introduced tablet terminals at the cash register counter of each store and we stopped using paper for purchase slips and other documents. We will thus improve energy efficiency and business efficiency.

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3. Building an environment suited to diverse workstyles


*Target 5.5: Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life.
*Target 5.c: Adopt and strengthen sound policies and enforceable legislation for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls at all levels.

*Target 8.5: By 2030, achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including for young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value.

*Target 10.2: By 2030, empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.
*Target 10.3: Ensure equal opportunity and reduce inequalities of outcome, including by eliminating discriminatory laws, policies and practices and promoting appropriate legislation, policies and action in this regard.

We aim to allow each one of our employees to find their daily work fun and rewarding.
Our goal is to build a company where diverse people respect each other’s diverse values, instead of assuming the style they should follow, and which fully considers the lives of all employees.

Promotion of diversity
Active participation of female employees

We have established a system that permits female employees to balance life events, such as childbirth and childcare, with career development and that enables each one of them to choose flexible workstyles.
The rate of acquisition of maternal leave and childcare leave was 100% in 2021.


We have introduced a same-sex partnership system.
Employees who have registered with this system are regarded as having partners in the same way as married couples. They are entitled to benefits from the company, such as congratulatory or condolence leave and congratulatory or condolence payments.

Employment of persons with disabilities

At the GEO Group, the rate of employment of persons with disabilities is 3.49% (as of June 2022), exceeding the statutory rate in Japan (2.3%). In 2010, we established GEO BUSINESS SUPPORT Co., Ltd., a subsidiary for promoting the employment of people with disabilities. Employees of this company engage in outsourced operations, such as the processing of products to be offered at stores of the GEO Group, as well as cleaning of the Group’s stores and offices, among other tasks.
In January 2020, GEO BUSINESS SUPPORT received an award from the Governor of Aichi Prefecture as an excellent company in terms of employment of people with disabilities.

Revision of the Dress Code

For the purpose of establishing an environment where each employees respect diversity, we revised the dress code to abolish gender specific descriptions and unify the rules.
Going forward, we aim to create an environment where employees feel comfortable as they are, regardless of race, age or gender.

Initiatives in work-life balance and career development support

We have introduced flexible working hours, which allows employees to start and finish their workday whenever they want, and a program that permits employees to work close to home in a specific area, without being transferred. With this, we have established an environment that permits diverse workstyles. We have also introduced a work-from-home program, mainly for employees from indirect departments.

We also encourage male employees to acquire childcare leave. While the duration of the leave is one to two weeks in most cases, some employees take six months or one year of leave. We have been encouraging employees to take childcare leave, for instance by sharing stories of male employees who have taken childcare leave in the past. As a result, the level of recognition within the company has been rising.

For career development support, we implement training programs internally and externally in accordance with the career of each employee. They are aimed at developing human resources unique to GEO, who can contribute to our growth strategy by considering the evolution of the Group.

<Training programs for new employees>

We provide new employees with new employee training and on-the-job training, through which they gain understanding of the company and product knowledge and learn store management, among others.
We also offer a curriculum for learning the basics of what working adults should know.

<Training programs for existing employees>

We offer job-class-specific training programs. Employees learn management skills, leadership skills, analytical thinking, and other skills through these programs. They make effective use of those skills in operating our stores.
We also provide external training programs including America Seminar, allowing employees to learn the mechanism of chain stores through overseas visits.

<Online internal training>

We offer tools for acquiring the knowledge that is needed to operate stores.
Classes for understanding laws and regulations related to store operation and deepening product knowledge are included in our online courses.

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Other Initiatives

Instead of limiting activities only to those that help achieve the 17 SDGs, we engage in a range of activities with a focus on contributing to society and local communities.

Communication with local communities

Contribution to Aichi Prefecture, where our head office is located

GEO CUP, Goodwill and the Relationship Baseball Tournament
We co-sponsor the GEO CUP, Goodwill and the Relationship Baseball Tournament, which is held in Aichi Prefecture for the development of youth baseball.
This tournament started in 2003 sponsored by Junior Baseball League Aichi (JBLA), a sports federation which plans and manages youth baseball tournaments in Aichi Prefecture.

The goal of the GEO Cup Tournament is to promote goodwill and develop relationships between the youth baseball teams and is aiming to have all of the member children be able to participate. Championship tournament games are held in approximately 70 locations within Aichi Prefecture over approximately 3 months.
The tournament will mark the 20th anniversary of its founding in 2022.

Participating “Sport GOMI(waste) Picking “

“Sport GOMI Picking” is about adding the essence of sports, to waste picking. This is a unique sport event started in Japan, changing activities usually stated as social voluntary in to a game of sport. Today this game is held in 6 countries worldwide, and has counted more than 900 games held in Japan, and 71,000Kg of waste cleaned in total.
We have been participating since 2015.

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Social contribution and nature conservation activities

Support of guide dogs training with “Guide Dog Donation”

Guide dogs (also known as service animals or assistance animals) are needed to lead visually impaired people around obstacles. Although of the needs, guide dogs are in chronic shortage. To help cure such situation, GEO supports Non-profit Organization, The National Federation of All Japan Guide Dog Training Institution, with “Guide Dog Donation”. The organization promotes social recognition of guide dog and, self‐support of visually impaired people. GEO has set donation boxes in each store, since 2002, and the donation raised has reached 156,250,000 yens in total (as of February 2022). The donation is used by the organization to support the birth to retirement of the guide dog, and social involvement of the visually impaired.

“Mt Fuji clean-up” project
Mt Fuji clean-up

“Saving the beautiful water, plants and wild life of Mt Fuji, for our children’s home in their heart” GEO has been running a clean-up project, along with the participating companies of Japan Reuse Affairs Association, and in association with Non-profit Organization, Fujisan Club. The project has now become GEO’s annual event. In October 2019, approx 150 members has gathered in Narusawa Village, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi, and collected litters. GEO as a member of re-use industry, we will continue to taking actions to reduce waste and conserving nature.

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