We will offer joy to your everyday life,
and make a sustainable community happen.

Under our Corporate philosophy, “To offer joy to your everyday life”, GEO Group will face and solve social issues through our business―in responsibility as a member of the social community― and meet the expectations of the community.

Creating shared value



We have shown sympathy and supported WWF JAPAN(World Wide Fund for Nature, Japan Office)’s “「PANDA BLACK REWEAR PROJECT”, which is a project to re-dye our customers worn and faded clothing, to fine pure black―up cycling them to new product―using Japanese traditional dying technique. This project purpose to reduce environment load, by adding new value and extending the life of used clothing. GEO Group has sponsored this project with donation of funds.

Participating “BRING PLA-PLUS Project”

PLA━ PLUS Project

We have participated “BRING PLA-PLUS Project”, a demonstration experiment promoted by Japanese Ministry of Environment. Currently plastic goods are not covered by Containers and Packaging Recycling Law, therefore majority of the local governments takes incineration or landfill disposal, rather than recycle or by-type collection. Under such circumstances, storefront of the retailer, that function as contact point with the consumer has been focused to solve this issue. This is a project by selected specialty stores, super markets and electronics retailers in cooperation to research efficient method of collecting plastic waste at the storefront and recycling them to new resources. GEO Group has participated by setting resource collection box, promoting collection of pre-owned plastic items, such as toys, stationeries and furniture, at our Super Second Street stores nationwide on February to March 2016.

Supporting “KINEKO International Children’s Film Festival”

KINEKO International Children's Film Festival

We have shown sympathy to the concept of “Growing children’s hopes and dreams through Films” by “KINEKO International Children’s Film Festival”, and chose to support the film festival. In October 2016, we have held “KINEKO International Children’s Film Festival 2016 GEO Camp Theater” at Super Second Street Oomiya Nisshin store. We have set a huge tent in the store with rooms for 30 children, and premiered 2 selected films “Shimajirou no wao! itadakimasu no kokoro” and “Teddy and Annie(The Forgotten Toys)” from the wide variety of must see films for children, selected by the festival from all around the world. One of the highlights of the Camp Theater was the live performance of the voice actors of “Teddy and Annie(The Forgotten Toys)”.

KINEKO International Children’s Film Festival

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Commitment to the Environment

“Mt Fuji clean-up” project

“Saving the beautiful water, plants and wild life of Mt Fuji, for our children’s home in their heart” GEO has been running the project for 7 years, along with the participating companies of Japan Reuse Affairs Association, and in association with Non-profit Organization, Fujisan Club. In October 2015, the amount of waste collected in Kazaki and Oobuchi area in Fuji-city, Shizuoka has reached approx 500kg. GEO as a member of re-use industry, we will continue to taking actions to reduce waste and conserving nature.

Participating “Sport GOMI(waste) Picking “


“Sport GOMI Picking” is about adding the essence of sports, to waste picking. This is a unique sport event started in Japan, changing activities usually stated as social voluntary in to a game of sport. Today this game is held in 74 countries worldwide, more than 320 games in Japan, and 300,000Kg of waste cleaned in total(as of June 2015).

On April 22nd 2016, “Waste picking is entertainment!Sport GOMI picking 5″ was held by Social Sports Initiative in Toranomon, Tokyo. Assenting to its purpose that grow borderless relationship between manufacturer and retailer, and also give a boost to the industry with waste picking, we, GEO participated in this event for the third time.

The rule of Sport GOMI picking is simple.Participants make a group, and gather up waste as many as they can in designated area within the time limit. The winner will be selected based on the amount and quality of the waste. 143 people gathered at Tenso Shrine near the Otsuka Station, and they had a traditional event praying for the safety there. To start this event, they called out “GOMI picking is a sport!”,and everyone tried hard to pick up trash as many as possible in the fresh atmosphere.

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Commitment to our local community

Supporting boys and girls baseball activity

Supporting boys and girls baseball activity

With “healthy development of the youth”, “improvement of physical and technique”, “expansion of little league baseball” as objective, GEO has been supporting GEO have been supporting “GEO CUP, Goodwill and relationship baseball tournament”. 14th annual tournament in 2016 consisted with 3 league of, A League(6th grade and under), B League(5th grade and under), C League(4th grade and under) and every single game was exciting. GEO will continually support our children, the future of our community.

Workshop for children

Workshop for children

At Super Second Street Oomiya Nisshin store, we hold workshops on the themes of “Ecology” and “Handmade”. In September 2016, we have held “Kids School PRO”(an workshop with to give children an opportunity to learn from the Pros), at Super Second Street Oomiya Nisshin store. As a part of the workshop, to cultivate children’s thoughts, we have held “Reuse Design School” and “Britannica’s Discover English with Angie and Tony School”. We believe that, these activities for the community and to teach the importance of reusing, will be a great entry for the children to think and learn about our social environment. The “Reuse Design School” on February 2017, we had workshop of making original photo frame using fabrics, buttons as parts form used clothing, supervised by, Yoshiichi Oizumi Art Education Professor of Yokohama National University. One of the children’s parent said to us, “It was a great experience for the kids. Learning through fun activity, to love and take good care of their belonging and reduce waste.”

Support of guide dogs training with “Guide Dog Donation”

Guide dogs (also known as service animals or assistance animals) are needed to lead visually impaired people around obstacles. Although of the needs, guide dogs are in chronic shortage. To help cure such situation, GEO supports Non-profit Organization, The National Federation of All Japan Guide Dog Training Institution, with “Guide Dog Donation”. The organization promotes social recognition of guide dog and, self‐support of visually impaired people. GEO has set donation boxes in each store, since 2002, and has raised donation of 68,000,000 yens in total (as of February 2015). The donation is used by the organization to support the birth to retirement of the guide dog, and social involvement of the visually impaired.

Japan Guide Dog Association

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Commitment to our working environment

working together with employees with disabilities

In October 2010, GEO Group established, GEO BUSINESS SUPPORT Co., Ltd. to promote employment of people with disabilities. In 2011, GEO BUSINESS SUPPORT was certified as a special subsidiary company and today numbers of employee with disabilities work with us. GEO BUSINESS SUPPORT supports the disabled employee to root to their work. We will continue to create a working environment for diverse people willing to work.

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