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GEO HOLDINGS CORPORATION Representative Director President Operating Officer / CEO Yuzo Endo

Further Enriching Customers’ Everyday Life
Recycling valuable items to offer diverse options for enjoying life

At the GEO Group, we have since our founding been taking on challenges to make customers’ everyday life wealthy and enjoyable.

At the time of our foundation, 1,000 yen per video per day was the industry’s common video rental rate. In our attempt to enable as many people as possible have easy access to rental videos, we have been expanding our business nationwide. The same is true of our video game retail business, in which we have been striving to enrich people’s everyday lives further.

We take on challenges for the same purpose in our reuse business, which we operate at 2nd STREET shops. Suppose you have items of clothing that remain unused in your closet. If you sell them to 2nd STREET, they will become an option for someone else to enrich their life. This may allow customers visiting our shops to enjoy new experience, giving them many options for furniture and other goods in their favorite styles.

We challenge established systems to further enrich customers’ everyday lives. This approach is symbolized by “Change as Chance,” our corporate slogan that we have been cherishing since our foundation. Both GEO and 2nd STREET businesses were realized as a result of these initiatives. In recent years, we launched the off-Price retailing business, a new business of offering new products, which were kept in manufacturers’ warehouses, to customers at affordable prices. I think that, in this way, the balance between the amount of money spent on products and the value obtained from them can be changed further. I believe that this change should happen in many other fields.

I think it is also a change in set of values, from a situation in which people buy new products and dispose of them after use, to a recycling-oriented society, in which used products are sold to and continue to be used by many people. We pursue enrichment in people’s lives by recycling and reallocating valuable goods. This is an initiative that we have been pursuing at GEO since our founding.

And we must take this initiative forward. To enrich customers’ everyday lives further, we must boldly challenge established systems and create new cultures and lifestyles. It is by pursuing this initiative that we can achieve further development of GEO and realize the dream of enriching the everyday lives of customers all over the world. This is what I believe.

I cannot forget the exchange with customers I had at a GEO shop just after joining the company. I still remember the words, “Thank you,” from a customer who frequently came to the shop and became acquainted with me. I believe that our job is to continue offering options which make customers’ everyday lives even more fulfilling.

There are still countless fields where we should take on challenges, just like the field of video rental where customers had to pay 1,000 yen per video. By allowing many people to experience the value of the experience of recycling goods, we aspire to create a society where many people have diverse options and lead a more enriched life.

Representative Director President Operating Officer / CEO
Yuzo Endo