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“It’s still usable, and too good to waste.” “It would be so much better, if somebody could use it instead of me.” Expansion of these feelings, and new sense of value discovering value in pre-owned items rather than new ones, is certainly pushing up the Reuse-market. SECOND STREET and JUMBLE STORE that we have been expanding over the years, is not about just displaying pre-owned products such as clothing, electronics and other lifestyle items. Our store re-merchandises seasonally, and is a lifestyle proposal-type retailer. We target to launch 100 outlets each year, and continue to brush up and expand our business, in order to enhance the value of “REUSE”.

リユース市場規模の推移と予測(リサイクル通信推計値) リユースショップ店舗数



Comprehensive Used Product Stores that “Support Waste-Free Lifestyles”

The Reuse market has continued to grow, mainly due to the increasing numbers of environmentally conscious consumers who think, “I don’t really need this anymore but it’s a shame to throw it away” – “Mottainai”. 2nd STREET has shifted its store-opening strategy from suburban locations to store openings in metropolitan areas and in front of train stations. This hopes to ensure both a constant supply and sufficient quantities of used items through active purchasing from various channels.

2nd STREET handles a wide variety of reuse items related to daily life, from clothing, furniture, and household electric appliances to hobby items. We appraise each of these items before purchasing them and then display them at our stores to their best advantage. We have improved the image of a recycling shop by giving all our reuse shops a bright atmosphere with attractive, appealing displays.

Purchase Appraisal

In addition to purchases at our used goods stores, we also make free visits to customers’ homes to purchase large-sized home appliances and furniture. Specifically, the appraisal of used clothing and fashion items is also available through our “ONLINE JUMBLE STORE”. The appraisal of reuse item is conducted based on our centralized data base of customers’ cumulative purchases and other sales data. Our computerized inventory management system, combined with the experience of our shop staff, produces fast, accurate appraisals. We have a thorough in-house training program to develop personnel who can accurately appraise used items at any of our reuse shops. They are supported by a detailed employee manual and a wealth of transaction data, resulting in each item being appraised in a similar manner throughout our national network.

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Super 2nd STREET


A Mega store with wide variety reused items and rental media.

From daily necessities, high-end electronics beyond the reach, sporting goods you always wanted, fashion items you’ve missed out, and luxury brand you’ve been longing for, you can find them from our hundred thousand items in affordable RE-USE pricing.

Sometimes there may be a chances of lucky find. Either Kids or dads, on your own or perhaps with your family, it’s a place for everyone to enjoy, and whenever you stop by, hopefully you’ll find something you’ve wanted. That’s what our stores are like.

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A Very 1st Store in North America as a Japanese Reuse Chain Store

Running 2 stores in Los Angeles County, California, as of June, 2018, as an international store brand from GEO Holdings Corporation buying and selling domestic secondhand clothing and accessories, and providing high quality secondhand clothing and accessories from over 500 stores throughout Japan.

As of July, 2018, 2nd STREET USA, Inc. runs 2 stores in Los Angeles County, runs 1 store in Orange County, California.

・2nd STREET Melrose: Grand Opening on January 12, 2018
・2nd STREET Pasadena: Grand Opening on June 1, 2018.
・2nd STREET Costa Mesa: Grand Opening on July 20, 2018.

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「Used product shops specializing in “used apparel and fashion items where people can find unique items”

Until recently, the image of used clothing shops was quite negative. People assumed they catered only to those who love used clothing and that the quality of this merchandise was invariably chap and inferior. Our approach has been to gain customers’ trust by creating a chain of reuse shops where they can shop with a sense of security, knowing that they will find a wide assortment of good quality items in an attractive environment. There shops are more like “reuse boutiques” than old-fashioned used clothing stores.

We are thus committed to creating attractive reuse shops where customers will impulsively pick up items that interest them, knowing that they are good quality and in good condition. Instead of simply stocking whatever is available, we increasingly focus on seasonal goods, we introduce trendy styles, and we offer fashion coordination advice. The result is that our customers want to spend more time in our outlets.

Private Brand


There are clothes that can be made, merely because we have been examining them innumerably.

From high fashion brands to casual clothing, each day we have a diverse range of clothes brought to our store. As a leading company in reuse business, we present “A.Q. -ANTIQULOTHES-“, a private label from “Second Street / Jumble Store”.

ANTIQULOTHES’s objective is to produce clothing that is in trend, but is usable on a daily basis.We put our efforts into not only fabrics and silhouette, but also reasonable pricing so that people of all ages can enjoy fashion.

For you to access trend-sensitive fashion more personally, and more freely. Our clothes are made, merely because we have been examining them innumerably.