Mobile Business


GEO Mobile – A mobile store that satisfies all your needs.

Geo group started resale business of “Pre-owned mobile devices” in 2002, and more and more customers have been using both buying and selling service. In 2014, the all GEO store started to handle pre-owned mobile devices. From the increasing demands of low-cost Smartphone, we have been also dealing with low-cost SIM card since April 2015, to offer customer overall support related to mobile devices.

At our “GEO MOBILE” stores, which are mainly in center areas of major cities, you can find various devices from new low-cost Smartphone to over 1000 of pre-owned ones. We also have specialty stores which provide a number of devices you can choose from, and enable you to use SIM card for call immediately by new contracts or MNP (Mobile Number Portability).

GEO MOBILE continues to make an effort to support more useful and economical Smartphone life of every customer. Our consultants at the store always wait for customers with various propose which may meet everyone’s need.