Mobile Business


GEO Mobile – A mobile store that satisfies all your needs.

We have been egaged to resale business of “reused mobile devices” since 2002, and more and more each year customers have been using our stores, to buy and sell their used mobile devices. In 2014, we have expanded the sales of pre-owned mobile devices to all GEO media stores. Due to the increasing demands of low-cost Smartphones, we have been also working with low-cost SIM card carriers since April 2015, to offer customer total service related to mobile devices.At our “GEO MOBILE” stores, which are mainly in center areas of major cities, you can choose new and affordable Smartphone from varaiety of over 1000 units.

We also have specialty stores which provide a number of devices you can choose from, and enable you to use SIM card for call immediately by new contracts or MNP (Mobile Number Portability). Due to the trends of separation between phone carrier contracts and sales of mobile devices, the burden of Phone Devices Price has grown heavier, and further expansion of “reused mobile devices” sales is predicted. Staff members with a great deal of expertise in smartphones are placed in GEO Mobile stores and stores attached to (and inside) Geo Shops. Moving forward, GEO Mobile will continue leading the reused mobile device/smartphone market through the opening of new stores, the expansion of the sales sections of GEO Shops and online purchase and resale.