About GEO Group

The GEO Group, which began as a simple video rental shop 30 years ago, has developed into a remarkable nationwide network of over 1,900 shops since that time.


“Change as Chance” has been our corporate motto since GEO’s inception. We take this to mean that even amidst radical changes to business structures, operating environment, etc. there are always positive opportunities- if one is willing to look for them. In that sense, we do not fear change but commit ourselves to moving forward resolutely, always looking for new business opportunities to take advantage of.

GEO Shop, a core media-oriented retail outlet in the GEO Group, has been actively expanding its nationwide network, mostly through M&A. As one step to expand the Group’s sphere of operations, GEO made a full-fledged entry into the Reuse market, strategically responding to changes in that market environment. In addition, by increasing management efficiency, it is steadily working to boost profitability.

The GEO Group operates a holding company structure for the purpose of establishing a more effective corporate governance framework, strengthening the group’s management by clearly separating the operating division from the Group Management Division.

GEO is committed to revitalizing the group operations and further improving corporate value.

By opening new GEO Shops near where our customers live, making it easy and enjoyable for them to drop by our retail outlets anytime, the GEO Group continues to grow and evolve within Japan’s constantly changing society.